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Usagi: Hufflepuff
Ami: Ravenclaw
Rei: Slytherin
Makoto: Gryffindor
Minako: Slytherin
Haruka: Hufflepuff
Michiru: Ravenclaw
Setsuna: Professor
Hotaru: Ravenclaw
Chibiusa: Gryffindor

Seiya: Gryffindor
Yaten: Slytherin
Taiki: Ravenclaw


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First and Last Name: Ackley Goddard

Bloodline: Pure
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
General Build: Average
Height: Average

Birthplace: Hempsted, Gloucester, England
Birthday: June 17th, Gemini
Brief Family History: Ackley is the only child of Cynric and Demelza Goddard. The pair rarely had time to be proper parents, for Cynric ran an exclusive potion business for high profile clients and Demelza worked in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, keeping the magical scourge of the planet locked up, as she used to say. Highly work-orientated, they placed their jobs above their son, ultimately teaching him that ambition and success were far more important than anything else in the world. With that mentality in mind, Ackley grew up thinking only that he had to be the best. At Hogwarts, he was sorted into Slytherin just like his parents and surrounded himself with other intelligent and successful children. It was here that he shined academically, gaining the much wanted approval by Professor Slughorn (aided by the fact that he had influential parents) and eventually becoming prefect and then head boy in his time. 

Graduating Hogwarts with high honours, Ackley was completely set up for success. He entered into the ministry with high recommendations and began to work in the Department of Magical Education with other potioneers. His parents thought him successful, he was rising in the ranks, and had the respect of his coworkers. Ackley thought he had it all and that he could certainly want nothing more. Of course, then the wizarding world fell a part and Voldemort and his followers wreaked havoc on them all. Ackley’s parents were staunch supporters of the Dark Lord, but naturally too coward to join the actual cause. Ackley didn’t have much of an opinion either way and so he kept quiet and followed directions. Still, after the war, he simply couldn’t go back to the way he had once lived his life. The mentality of being the best had been tainted by the ‘magic is might’ mantra. So Ackley cut himself off and left England, hoping to find some sort of purpose for himself.

For the next several years, Ackley traveled the world, studying new plant life and experimenting with potions. He studied with other great potion masters around the world, learning their craft and different approach to the magical art. He learned to be on his own and only depend upon himself. His mother had died in the war and his father had retired and chose to spend his remaining years secluded within his home. Of course, Ackley did pop back into his homeland once in awhile just to check up on his father, but for the most part, he remained unattached to any one or any place. It was when he was traveling through the thick of the amazon that he received an offer of employment from Hogwarts. Ackley surely thought it had to be a mistake. There were far more capable people out there. Someone more experienced. But after a bit of thought and knowing that it was Professor Slughorn who had recommended him, Ackley packed up his things and decided to return.

Strengths (Including Personality and Academic): Ackley has learned to be patient over the years. Having once been an insufferable child himself, he now better understands other people, especially children, which would certainly help him in being a good professor. He’s a very hands-on person, which has helped him in his field of study. He’s willing to dig into the dirt or into the belly of any beast to retrieve his own ingredients. This approach also affects his teaching, because he’s far more comfortable working one-on-one with students rather than just lecture to a whole class. Ultimately, this would help him form stronger relationships with his students. Academically, Ackley has of course always been strong at Potions. He also did rather well in Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures.
Weaknesses (Including Personality and Academic): Ackley is far more selfish than people realise. Sure he’s friendly and cares for other people, but he still has the Slytherin mentality of always thinking about how something or someone can benefit him. So when teaching, he’s of course happy to help those who want it, but won’t even give the time of day to students who clearly don’t put any effort into their work. He’s not someone who’ll waste his precious time and effort on those who don’t deserve it. And of course after living such a nomadic lifestyle for awhile, Ackley has gained sort of a loose approach to life and people. He’s ended up shying away from being authoritative and getting into conflicts. He’s more of an ‘ignore the problem’ sort of guy.
What House You Feel Your Character Belongs In and Why: Ackley was a Slytherin his day. He’s ambitious and cunning and always had an air of self-preservation. These qualities are still in him now, but just toned down and balanced out with other characteristics he’s gained from maturing.







Sloane/Little Grey


Maddie didn’t know why he hadn’t noticed anything weird before. Maybe he should have. The signs had been there. Cappy clearly hadn’t been in her best form today and had most likely been distracted by something, but he had just naturally assumed she was fine and had left it at that. He always left Cappy to her own devises and trusted she had the chasers covered, but maybe he should have been paying her more mind. Maybe he should have noticed how sluggish she had become in comparison to when the game had begun. Unfortunately he hadn’t and it was only when he heard her scream that he realised something had gone terribly wrong. At that point nothing else mattered other than Cappy. He had already sent Dean her way, but he knew he had to be by her side too. Bludger hits, no matter how bad, could usually be pushed through with help from the strange thing that was magic but also the adrenaline pumping through their veins that helped them basically forget about the pain until the match was over; he knew the feeling first hand from when he had gotten hit in the face with a bludger, from Kirsten Llywelyn-Finley no less. He also knew Cappy had gotten hard hits before and had managed to push through them, which was why it was so glaringly obvious that something big had to be wrong for her to be affected so badly by the hit today. And he wasn’t talking about physically, but rather something emotionally or mentally and it killed him inside to know that he hadn’t sensed anything wrong before.

Unfortunately, the distraction and the hesitation in his flight both made him fall behind in his chase for the snitch and completely open to not only one, but two bludger hits. The first made his arm immediately drop back down and grip his broom and the second completely knocked him off course. It sent him reeling and spinning slightly and the badger clenched his eyes shut and gritted his teeth as he tried to steady his broom and make the world stop spinning. Once it had the roar of the stands around him quickly signalled the fact that Fianna had gone and caught the snitch, which was certainly something he had been expecting from the beginning. He hadn’t actually been deluded enough to have thought that he, as a first time seeker and someone who greatly lacked skill in speed and agility, could outfly Fianna. What he hadn’t been expecting was to look up and see said girl falling through the sky. Perhaps some would have seen it has something majestic, but all Maddie could see was disbelief, and not in the good way. She was personifying the exact aspect of Quidditch Maddie detested. The part that made people not only do things that made them a danger to themselves, but a danger to others. And for what? For [i]winning[/i]? As if that actually meant anything. And there went Adrian catching her, nearly falling off his broom too in the process. 

Still, it was only after Maddie was confident the girl was safe that he finally set his sights on Cappy and the rest of his team. Even before he reached his fellow captain, his best friend, his platonic everything, Maddie began to shout to the rest of his teammates. “Logan! Max! Dean! Stay on your brooms! You got that? Don’t you dare try to walk. Fly to the hospital wing. Emmy, make sure they get there safely, yeah? Don’t stop even if Filch gets in your way. Got it?” As soon as Maddie touched ground, he threw aside his broom and ran to where Cappy and Dean were hovering down, gripping his side as he did so. Nothing was broken, he was sure. They had been hard hits, but definitely not as hard as the ones his teammates had gotten. “I got her Dean. Go ahead and follow the others.” Maddie held his arms out to Cappy, scooping her off her broom and cradling her in his arms. As her weight was shifted off her broom, a sudden jolt of pain spiked up the arm that had been hit, but Maddie simply gritted his teeth and ignored it. He ignored the throbbing in his side and the one in his hip too. A pained look did cross his face though, not from his own injuries, but from seeing at how utterly defeated Cappy looked. He held her even closer, making sure not to jostle her due to her fragile injury. 

"I got you Cappy. I got you. It’s okay." He murmured softly at her, even if he wasn’t entirely sure if it was. Was everything okay? Not the injury of course. Clearly that wasn’t okay but he knew Madam Pomfrey would be able to mend that. No, what he was wondering was if Cappy was going to be okay mentally. What had distracted her so badly? And how long had she been this way? How daft could he have been? He had assumed she was alright because things with her and Kyle had been looking up. Every time he saw her, she just looked so happy, but clearly she had been hiding something behind all those smiles. Was it…was it about Brad? The boy had left not too long ago and that certainly had to weigh on Cappy’s mind. What about Whitten? Benji? "I’m sorry." Maddie shook his head as he said it. He didn’t even know if Cappy could hear him or if the pain was masking her ability to hear. Whatever the case was, he felt the need to apologise. About not paying her enough mind. About not playing beater and possibly having prevented her from this pain. About clearly not having been there for her, on and off the pitch.